Is there anything...


7 Years
Apr 7, 2012
North East Pennsylvania.
Is there anything that you can buy that would help a duck if it ingests a chemical of any sort. I over herd my neighbors saying they need to do something about my ducks (their already caged up all the time no reason for this) and im afraid they may throw something like rat poision or somthing like that over the fence. The closest vet is over an hour away that will see ducks. Any help?
There are animal cruelty laws they could cost them jail time or big fines.You could get a game camera and set it up ,if you think they may try something. I think it is unlikely your ducks would eat poison if they aren't starving. Also just make sure you keep them in a secure place when you are gone.
TSC has a trail cam that im looking into getting on friday when i get pad. Im beyond ******. And im trying not to have them out if no one was going to be home. Also im hoping it was just the acohol that was talking (over heard them) and not realy them. But im taking it seriously either way.

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