Is there something to feed them to increase fertility?

You might try venturing over to the meat bird section and seeking out Al, whose screen name is slipping my mind. I believe he has had success increasing fertility in his breeding projects with feed.
His screen name is al6517...super nice and helpful guy.
I would recommend a Breeder type feed preferable a Game Bird Breeder that is low (or with no) soybean and has a sores of animal protein in it.
(Animal protein is easier for poultry to digest than plant protein.)
Some breeders of poultry have found that soy based feed will lower the fertility of the breeding stock and in turn had had a lower hatch rate.
I would also use a feed that is rich in vitamin A, D-3, and E. The Vitamins will not only help you breeders but will help the Embryonic Development.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is needed for new cell growth, healthy skin and tissues, and vision in dim light.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is produced naturally in the body when exposed to the ultra violet rays from the sun, and its main function is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium, and phosphorus. Lack of vitamin D can cause soft egg shells, and brittle, or thin bones in fowl. Vitamin D also helps keep your birds immune system strong, and can affect their over all growth, and development. Extreme cases of vitamin D deficiency can even lead to diseases like Rickets

Vitamin E
Vitamin E protects red blood cells, and helps prevent destruction of vitamin A and C.

Other then making sure they have a good quality feed, I don't know. However..trimming the feathers around their vents can help, especially with some of the "fluffier butted" breeds.
I had an old IA farmer tell me earlier this summer that his family used to hatch for a local egg hatchery here at the time and they raised their hatch rate by adding wheat to the feed. I don't know if there is anything to it but this is what he told me.
Thank you, Ill try to find stuff thats high in vitamins A,D, and E to mix into my feed

What feed/feeds do you have there.... (what brands)


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