is there such a chicken............

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  1. emjay

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    Sep 6, 2009
    that is more disease resistant than the others.
    are there breeds that are more prone to disease then others.
  2. alexandria burlison

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    Sep 16, 2009
    turkens (naked necks) have been proven to be quite hardy and handle heat as well
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    Nov 4, 2008
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    doing research for the Fayoumi breed page I came across these studies and this information


    "Three of the most interesting facts concerning this breed and what has
    drawn a lot of attention is they have been found to be more resistant to
    viral diseases and may also be resistant to salmonella, feed consumption
    is moderately low for such a high energy fowl and rate of maturity. The
    Fayoumi chicken of Egypt has recently been re−discovered and has been
    exported to twelve different countries. In the 1940s, ISU’s Dean of
    Agriculture, R.E. Buchanan carried Fayoumi chicken eggs home from Egypt
    for the poultry genetics program. The plan was to cross the Egyptian
    birds, with American breeds to produce hardier chickens, disease resistant
    genes and cut cost of feed, with the end goal to strengthen the commercial
    industry. Scientists in the U.S.A are currently mapping the genes of this
    indigenous chicken to find useful characteristics for commercial poultry
    production. Current studies in Ethiopia were conducted with the Fayoumis
    and indigenous fowl found locally comparing the group’s hatchability and
    consumption rate. Focusing on the small farmers success providing him with
    a faster rate of return. The problem is that the aggressive, high−energy
    behavior that helps Fayoumis survive harsh environments in Egypt hinders
    the birds' adaptation to commercial production settings. One of the
    biggest factors has been housing this free−scavenging fowl. With today’s
    knowledge, scientists are trying to develop genetic markers to help
    poultry breeders accelerate the introduction of disease−resistant genes
    that can be introduced into the breeding of commercial chickens."
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    Nothing beats a game. They're super hardy. But they're a handful!

    Wyandottes, d'Anvers, d'Uccles, and Sebright are all very susceptible to Marek's Disease.

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