Is there such a thing as too much humidity?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by hooked2, May 9, 2007.

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    May 7, 2007
    My eggs are on day 18-19 now. I took them out of the turner this morning and layed them on cheesecloth on the grate. They are staying the correct temperature, but there is a lot of condensation on the viewing windows. So much that I can't see the eggs through it. I lifted the cover to check the temp and when I did the water dropped off the glass and onto the eggs. They also had some lighter condensation on them before I took the cover off. I don't know how high the humidity is in there. I've had some condensation for a few days, but just around the edge of the viewing windows. I probably shouldn't have opened the cover, but I wondered what was going on in there that made it change so fast. Any thoughts?
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    Lighter condensation is good around the 18th to 19th day.
    I would seriously suggest removing the cheescloth though. It will tangle in the chicks feet and they may end up picking at it and choking on the loose strings. If you feel it neccessary to put anything in there I would put paper towel, but mine hatched out on the wire grate and they did excellent in there for 24 hours or so till they were dried off and ready to move into the brooder.
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    May 7, 2007
    I took the cheesecloth back out. As soon as I read your reply I thought you would be right about them getting hung up in it or trying to eat the thread. They do eat everything that they aren't supposed to! Thanks for the suggestion.
    I also took of the two plugs out of the incubator cover since I had so much condensation. Now I have one in and one out and what I think may be a more normal amount of condensation on the windows.
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    I don't want to disagree but your humidity is to high if the windows are steaming up. Day 18 and 19 are critical as the chicks are pipping the internal membrane and if it is to moist they can drown when they break into the air cell. It takes quite a bit of humidity to get the windows to steam. I have a hatch going on right now and at 85% there is not condensation. Even with my homemade incubator the windows will not steam up untill its over 85 %. On day 21 the higher humidity will not hurt but it should be lower on day 18 & 19. I would take both plugs out if I were you. Try to get it to where you are not feeling any dampness on the eggs themselves. Good luck with your hatch. I would invest in a Thermometer/Hygrometer, they are about $9 at walmart. They are the most important piece of equipment you can have if you are going to use an incubator to hatch.

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