Is this a Bantam or a Chick that isn't growing?


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Mar 29, 2013
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So I got these chicks from a preschool teacher, and they are 3 1/2 weeks old according to when she said they hatched. But one of the 4 just isn't growing at all. My EE and RIR's that are a 1 1/2 weeks younger are way bigger then this chick. I have know idea what he/she is, highly feathered feet/legs, and it has way more feathers then the 3 it came with. I would say that its wing and tail feathers are actually longer then my 6 week old chicks. Its just not growing. Highly active, eating and drinking fine.

Chick in Question

Chick in Question with one that came with it, and the rest behind

Chick in question with another chick that hatched with it
This looks to be a frizzle of some kind. I'm pretty sure that its a bantam. My bantams aren't half the size of my standard sized pullets even though they're the same age.
You think its a frizzle, but the feathers on the wings lay straight or flat, aren't frizzles kind of funky looking, sorry I'm a total newbie. I just think it is weird that this chick was hatched out of the same batch of eggs as the others, and its totally different. I'm scared that when I do put it outside it will never grow big enough not to fit through my chain link fence. Its so tiny.
I just thought that because of how the feathers are curling outward the actual wing feathers wouldn't curl outward because they wouldn't be functional, but it could be a cross. I have a chain link fence as well for my chickens. My 6 week old bantams are out and they can easily fit through the holes. To fix this, I wrapped the inside fenced off area of the coop they're in, in chicken wire. My smallest full grown bantam was less than a pound and he was a rooster, he couldn't fit through the chain link. No matter what breed that chicken is, they won't be able to escape through the chain link, full grown.
I'm really hoping that its a pullet, I really love this little chick, its just so dang cute. Just wish I could figure out what it and the 3 others are. Well we have an enclosed with 1 inch chicken wire run, and we are making a fence gate to let them have the side yard, but there is one area with 10 feet of chainlink, the rest is 6 ft high solid wood, just worried about the one section. But oh well, we will have to put something up.
I'm starting to wonder if the other 3 that came with this tiny chick are Bantam are Fizzle mixes too. All of them have wild feathers coming in, and they do look different then the BR, EE, and RIR, they are laying flat, but these guys have kind of crazy feathers, I just thought it was their age. Will be kind of neat if they are a fizzle mix.
I'm brand new to chicks, actually never thought I would own any till we rescued the first girls. And then once I got hubby aboard and got the coop and run started I thought about actually getting some really neat chicks like Polish or Silkies because they are so cool looking, but then I ended up taking 6 from the preschool, which I actually re-home some to my neighbor, and then I figured I wanted an EE for colored eggs, but the breeder lady that had them in my area. She breeds and orders large orders told me she would only sell in groups of 4, so I got 2 EE and 2 RIR, so now we are up to 11. So it be fun if they are Frizzles since I'm not going to be adding any new chicks anytime soon, I think we are at our max for right now. lol

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