Is this a barred rock cockerel or pullet?


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Jul 17, 2016
I bought this barred Rock as a pullet at TSC around Easter. This is my first time with this breed. I am thinking it is looking like a cockerel or are all barred rocks supposed to have red combs and sickle feathers?
looks like a cock to me. it has too much wattle development to be a pullet. and, i see long droopy tail feathers. i don't see any saddle feathers though.
Was this a hatchery bird? Feet look pink instead of yellow. Female BR's usually have a dark wash over their feet. The picture doesn't enlarge so I can't see it well. There are other barred breeds and I think this is one of them.
Chickensfan- Those long droopy tail feathers are what started making me thinking it was a cockerel. Not to mention the very bright red comb from about 6 weeks on. It literally just started getting those droopy tail feathers within the past week and half. I always thought hens were suppose to have paler combs and straighter shorter tail feathers. That's why I wasn't sure if maybe it was normal for this breed or this really is a cockerel. Never had Barred Rocks before. So clueless right now. I am actually kind of new to chickens in general. Only had them a year and three months. Adding different breeds to my stock little at a time.
I bought it at tractor supply and it was listed as "barred rock pullets". We also got a maran too, which is barred but she is more black and has a very pale comb. I will see if I can get a picture of both of them and their feets tomorrow. You can clearly tell she is a pullet, but this one that was sold as "barred rock pullet" really is throwing me off.
Here is a photo that has the maran infront of the barred rock I bought around the same time. Big difference in comb color.

That is the maran infront of the barred rock. Big difference in comb color and size. She doesn't have the droopy tail feathers either.

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