Is this a bee sting, or infectuous bronchitis?


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Nov 29, 2009
Central Mass
Hello, my two-month old BO seems to either have a bee sting, or infectuous bronchitis. She has the swollen eye and everything, but has a bloody spot where her "eyebrow" would be. Her behavior seems normal. I have already isolated her from the flock and I have called my feed store to see if they carry the vaccine... I left a message. I also washed the spot a little with a paper towel soaked with warm water.

Here is her good side:


Here is her bad side:


I have no experience with bronchitis, but I do raise bees. That would be one heck of a sting. It looks more like a puncture wound to me, with maybe a local infection or perhaps the swelling is just from the injury. Maybe she got pecked by a flock mate. I would look more closely at the wound/bite and try and clean it.

Good luck
It looks more like a puncture and it looks infected. Could she have poked her brow on a nail sticking out somewhere or maybe a piece of chicken wire sticking out somewhere? Also do you have a full grown hen or roo that may have jumped on her and poked her with a toenail or something along those lines? Try to clean the wound as best you can and apply neosporin. Your hen may need an antibiotic injection too, but I'm not sure which antibiotic. Maybe someone else can help you in that respect.
Does she have some kind of goop thing in her mouth? I can't tell from that picture if it's something in the background, or inside her mouth.
The stuff on her mouth is just mud, she was scratching around with the other girls before I caught her. I have no older bird, she is one of my oldest ones actually,

It could have been a puncture, I still have some fixer upping to do on the hen house, there are a few exposed screws inside, and there is some exposed chicken wire... That could have been it too.
I have her isolated from the others right now in a "hospital coop," in case what she has, if it isn't just an injury, is contagious.. and in case the others peck her.
I also made an appointment for her to go to a vet tomorrow, since our feed store if pretty poorly stocked.

Thanks for all your help!%2Pr
OK, that's good about the mud! I was worried there was some infection in her mouth - which can happen.

Clean that wound as best you can with a saline solution. Then apply some neosporin, or dab it throughly with q-tip saturated with iodine. Good on getting her to a vet, too. Good luck with it.

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