Is this a Black Copper Marans pullet in the Bev Davis line?


11 Years
Jul 23, 2008
Seattle, WA

I know this is a terrible picture of her, but I haven't gotten any more yet. I'll post them when I get them. I just thought I'd put this one out there and see what you all think. She's the most expensive chicken I've ever purchased and although I really don't care about her lineage, I sure do want her to lay those nice chocolate eggs.

What's the verdict??
as far as I know the "standard" for BCM is no white feathers on the body, theyre a disqualification- and it looks like your girls has some on her wing- My BCM have LOTS of green irredescent coloring in just about all thier feathers and very dark eyes and deep red combs - how do her legs look? any feathering? - my humble opinion- shes probably not full BCM- may still lay you brown eggs tho
- byt mine are all Davis line. Sorry for the poor pic quality- it was super foggy and had a bad glare, shes also dribbling yogurt!!!
The guy I bought her from said he'd had trouble breeding the white feathering out of this group, so yeah, not quite up to standards. The feathering on the legs is looking good, not like my cochin by any stretch of the imagination, but lightly feathered. I'm hoping after the shock of moving from one place to another wears off, she'll get a little more color in her comb and wattles.

He did warn that these breeds do mature slowly, sometimes not laying until 7 or 8 months. Ugh. Hard to wait when I am so excited to see if she produces the really dark eggs!

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