Is this a boy or a girl?


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Oct 5, 2009
Boston, MA
I have an almost 4 month old EE chicken that I need help sexing. Sadly, I think that my "Clementine" is actually a "Clem". Clemmie has a sister (Olivia) and a brother (Wild Bill). All three are the same age. I'm a little confused by the saddle feathers and tail. Wild Bill, Clemmie's brother, really looks like a rooster. Clemmie is smaller than Bill and doesn't have the curly rooster tail. I've seen sexual behavior exhibited by Bill but not by Clem. I've posted pics of all three chickens. It’s probably just wishful thinking on my part that Clemmie isn’t a rooster. I’m not too experienced with EE chickens, especially roosters. I’d be interested to hear what other people think.

This is Clemmie.


This is Wild Bill.

Little Olivia.
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I believe Clemmie is a rooster as well. Probably not as well developed because you already have an alpha rooster in Bill. Lower ranking roosters are real good at hiding their gender from the alpha. It's natures way of protecting them from getting their butts beat by the alpha every time they turn around.
Thanks for the feedback everybody. I'm going to try and keep both boys and see how it goes. Clemmie is such a sweetie that I'd hate to get rid of him. Guess its time to make my coop and run little bit bitter.

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