Is this a game x cochin? I have nothing hoping you can help


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Mar 28, 2011
Tallahassee, FL
I got this guy last weekend from a lady who didn't help any with breeds. She says she thinks it is a cross between her bantam and her big girls LOL>

His mix is so pretty got me wondering to who his parents might be.

Also I got more than one and this one is trying to convince me he's a girl but I'm sure he's a boy with those tail and neck feathers right? I told him to lay an egg.
Yes- That's a Rooster for sure. I don't think Cochin is in the mix though because I don't see toe feathering. I think it is a OEGB golden duckwing Cross.
His brother had feather all down the leg and on one toe.

Gold duckwing. thanks I'll look up that breed. I think he is pretty. flighty and noisey too. His brother though maybe dad had spurs 2 1/2 inches long. This one just has two bumps. So I guess they are different ages but same size.
Duckwing is a color, not a breed. He does appear to have some Old English Game Bantam (OEGB) in him from looking at his comb & body shape. Spurs can be an indicator of age or breed. OEGB roos tend to grow spurs pretty young where-as a more docile breed like cochin or silkie tends to grow spurs slowly.

If I had to guess on this boy I'd say he's probably an OEGB mixed with a red colored production bird such as a Red Star or Golden Comet.
Thank you that is very helpful. I have some red production but I haven't seen an old english game bird that must be where the coloration is coming from.

I have a roo he's 8 months old but I'm new to roo's too.
He's a very pretty boy regardless of his mix & should produce very pretty babies. I love variety of colors in my layers. It makes the birds easier to tell apart & lets my kids give them each a name. When you have mixed birds breeding & hatching babies you never know what kind of color patterns you will get, but it makes for some very interesting & beautiful birds.
I agree, OEGB mixed with a production bird. Makes for a pretty mixed bag of genes. It'll be interesting to see the types of babies he throws.

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