Is this a gold laced cochin?


Jul 17, 2018
Central FL
I got her around 3 weeks ago when she was a few days old. Sign said dark brahma and there was another sign inbetween 2 bins that said assorted cochin. I'm pretty sure when I asked for 2 dark brahmas I got 1 and a cochin. Them being different colors didn't mean much to me since I've seen dark chicks in both colors. Hoping it's a female. She's a bit behind the other one in terms of shoulder and tail feathers but she is feathering more on her feet and hocks.
3 days old or so

3 weeks

Here's what I'm pretty sure is a brahma.
3 days

3 weeks

Thanks for any input!
3 weeks is a little too early to tell. I can't tell with the Brahma but if I had to guess on the Cochin I would say male.
The Cochin looks like a Chocolate :)
All 3 of her pictures are with me forcing her to stay still so the stance is a little funky I think.
Sex is way too early. I was just wondering if it does look like a cochin and the possible color.
She's from privett more than likely.
Looks like you do indeed have a Gold Laced Cochin and a Dark Brahma. Slow feathering in Brahmas and Cochins typically indicates cockerels.
I had look back to see the gold lacing coming in.
I totally think the Cochin is a cockerel.
Brahmas from what I've read feather different colors depending on gender. If so that one should be a girl.
Sex isn't important right now. I know it's too young. I'll cross the gender road when I get to it. Just didn't know if I got lucky with a rare color or something since I'm unable to find many chick pictures of the gold laced variety.
Here's some pictures in natural light.

Dark Brahmas do indeed differ in color depending on sex. But they all start out the same pattern. The males will develop black chests and then get their silver hackle/saddle/wing bar feathers.
6 week update: The Brahma is definitely a female. She's all penciled with no white or pure black feathers anywhere. Zero comb atm and only a small part in the feathers on her head.



The cochin has almost as many feathers but her tail is a little shorter. No bald patches and only slight comb development. No wattles to speak of.

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