Is this a good coop?


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Oct 28, 2017
Hi all, I've been reading about coops lately (for New York area 1 bantam breed duck per 4 sq ft) and was wondering if these were good coops? They're hand built 4x6 coops (I might go larger).

They have windows but not ventilation in the ceiling. If I do this then I'll be getting black east indies so I would like them to have a lot of room and be able to keep them very warm in the winter. I'm also planning on doing the deep litter method (I've been reading about it for ducks and I know it's a little harder than it is for chickens). What do you all think?




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That sounds right. My coop is about that size and I have 8 regular birds in it now. That wasn't the plan but my husband of all people doesn't want to sell the birds I was planning on selling so it is what it is. They are fine and I've had 12 in it before, which was definitely a stretch I wasn't happy with
These style of coops are popular and not the worst designed coops out there, but yes they're typically under ventilated. The best place to add ventilation in this type of coop is up in the soffits, like so:

Don't plan on doing deep litter in a raised coop. You pretty much need ground contact for that, and deep litter requires some added moisture which is exactly what you don't want in a coop (hence ventilation).

Deep bedding would be a better idea.
Welcome fellow NY'er.... I've seen these advertised on my local CL. I'd contact them and see if they can build you one with open soffits and top hinged gable ends. You can then cover those yourself with HC.
....and have them make the egg access in the back rather than on top.
For ducks I think lower to the ground is better. Since most ducks do not roost I wouldn't want them thinking under is a good sleeping spot.

I agree with asking for custom ventilation.

For ducks I would eliminate the protruding nest box and make floor level ones knowing that they may not ever use them.

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