Is this a good price for a starter set?

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    Not sure if this should be here or the "other birds and poltryetc..." forum but I figured that since it's a bator/brooder combo to put it here.

    Is this a good deal?

    Quail Starter Kit

    Product Information

    Everything you need to start producing quail including eggs! Each kit contains the following: 1 #1590 Pre-Set Electronic Thermostat Turbofan Incubator, 1 #1610 Automatic Egg Turner, 1 #0534 Game bird Brooder, 1 #5003 Game Chick Feeder, 1 #4458 Chick Waterer (Base & Jar), 2 #0421 Brooder Bulbs, 1 # 9314 Book on Raising Bobwhite Quail, 1 Setting of 30 Quail Eggs. No Substitutions.

    Price: $364.99 $339.95
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    I personally would buy everything separately except the brooder and use a cardboard box with reptile/brooder lamp instead. May cost less and most commercial brooders are tiny.
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    I don't think the 1590 is made any longer it was replaced with the 1588. GQF is the maker of hovabator. You can buy a new 1588 with turner (chicken and quail egg racks) and a set of quail eggs for $168 .

    Waterers at the feed store $4

    You can make a brooder out of a rubbermaid tote with a hardware cloth mesh lid. $10 Mine cost nothing because I already had things at home to use.


    Get the gamebird starter from your feed store. That stuff is too heavy to ship and add cost to the package. 50lbs = $14

    Many states require a permit to raise bobwhte quail. That will cost you $12 - $15.

    It is much cheaper to do this yourself than to buy that package.

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