Is this a Roo? An EE Roo? And what is this bird?


8 Years
Aug 20, 2011
I rescued 20 birds 2 weeks ago so I'm not certain of ages or anything really. I have a post titled 'benefits of a roo' and most repliers think this guy is a Roo, do you agree? And his breed?



Im sorry its not a good picture, I can take another tomorrow if its too bad but the chicken on the left, what is she?
Looks like an EE roo to me.

And the other picture definitely needs to be a better one to say for sure but she looks like an EE in that picture as well.
I have an EE that looks a lot like the one on the left in your last pic. I'm no expert, but the yellow-orange and black hackle feathers look exactly the same.
The potential Roo does not crow and according to the neighbor has no wattles or spurs (a roo should have????) It does saddle the girls though. Thats why the uncertainty. I think even the youngest of my 19 birds are at least 2 months old but I truly would guess they range in age from 2 1/2yrs to 4 months. The smallest of them are laying. Right now I only get 3 or 4 eggs a day from 19 birds but that could be because of the move?
Thanks guys
If you look up pictures of EE roos you will see that they do not grow large waddles like some other breeds. If he lacks spurs it is probably because he is young. (Which may also be why he doesn't crow, but if there are other, more dominant roosters in the flock that can also suppress crowing in beta roosters.) I bet if you look closely you will find where his spurs will be. He is a rooster. His saddle feathers give him away.
Thank you. There are no crowers in my bunch at all. I do think he is the only rooster in the bunch. He is definitely the biggest of all the chickens, he is the only one I've seen saddle, and no one crows. He is just the most different looking of them all so I do think he's the only roo.
Roo, could be ee/mix but I'm not really seeing the ee part. He's pretty with all the blue!
The hen looks like an ee hen--that's a classic color and looks like she has a beard, right?
The first one is definitely an EE roo. Those patchy reddish feathers on his back and wings are roo colors. The other is an EE pullet...her coloring is very common among female EEs. (I have several just like her myself.)

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