Is this a Roo or Hen? they are a little over 9 weeks now


Apr 6, 2015
Also the feather pattern seems off for a Silver Lace Wyandotte is tis a normal stage they go through or just poor breeding maybe a mix?

This is the only other one that has me concerned as well, its a Barred Plymouth Rock, I think its a hen....

The Rock looks like a pullet.

The Wyandotte... yeah, that's some epically bad lacing. If it weren't for the yellow legs, I'd be tempted to call it a Hamburg. It may look better after molting. Comb looks a bit red for a young pullet, but I've had young SLW pullets redden up early and the legs are fairly dainty, so I'd hold off for a few weeks before deciding.
The Wyandotte is probably just hatchery quality, probably a pullet. The Rock is a pullet.
Had no idea there, was such a difference in quality from hatchery chicks... but them I am new to this. Is the quality just looks or does it affect egg production?
Mostly looks. Hatchery birds typically start laying sooner than heritage bred birds of the same breed, and may have higher production in the early years. Heritage hens tend to have more productive years, though.
Looks like a hen to me too. My Wayndotte chicks all have larger and redder combs than my other chicks. I think she's pretty even though her lacing isn't typical.
so glad to hear that she is looking like a hen, I don't have any 2 of the same bird just yet so have nothing to compare her too. I do think she is pretty just had hopped to have good lacing... But if she is a hen that will make me very happy!

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