Is this a roo???


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Mar 26, 2015
merriam, ks
I bought this bird on October 30, and was told he/she hatched mid July which would make him/her 23-25 weeks old. I was also told it was a pullet but the tail feathers have me questioning that. Although, there has been no crow YET and I would think a roo would have crowed by now. When I got this bird I also got 3 other rocks - same hatch - and 2 others were Roos and crowed the 1st week of Dec - they have been rehomed as I cannot have roosters in my city. I am afraid I will have to do that again. This has been a HORRIBLE year for me with roosters - I have bought 9 birds since March and so far have had to rehome 5 roosters - UGH!!!!!! Anyway, thoughts on this bird??


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Jun 18, 2010
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If possible, when you're considering purchasing birds, post pics of them here before you purchase. Most birds can be sexed pretty accurately by 6 weeks, we may be able to save you some heartache in the future.

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