Is this a rooster?


Jul 18, 2016
I was told my leghorn was a ️she but I think it's a HE! Can anyone confirm this?
It is starting to get aggressive with the other girls!

How old? Looks like a pullet, but not a Leghorn. Leghorns are single combed and have white earlobes. It looks like she's getting ready to start laying. Would also explain her grouchiness.
She is running into the other girls! When I open the coop door in the morning, they all come running out but this one pushes them back up and then the others stay in the coop all day! She/he won't let them in he run!! 2 days ago it sounded like she/he was trying to crow!
It looks older than two weeks there to me. I'd say at least 3.5-4 weeks old. So that'd make it around 10 weeks old, still to early to be starting to lay. . . It really strikes me as a pullet. Guess gonna have to wait a couple more weeks I reckin to see.

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