Is this a rooster?


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Jul 23, 2013
Hello!! I would SO appreciate anyone's feedback... I absolutely LOVE this chick. I have had her and two others for about 10 weeks. Recently I have had a suspicion that this one "Nora" is actually a rooster. Unfortunately I cannot keep a rooster in my area. can anyone further advise me if she is a rooster... and if so any information on a loving wonderful home for her would be so appreciated. I am in south florida :)

Thank s in advance

Ya, that looks like a rooster. The easiest way to place them is usually though Craigs List, or local ag papers. Also fliers at try any farm stores or places that sell chicken feed, ask at your vet office, byc, 4-H or FFA group might be something to try also. Make sure you ask or specify that you are looking for a pet home since most roos do go for meat.
Cockerel. The comb is really red for a 10 week old pullet, and you can clearly see pointed saddle and hackle feathers. I'm sorry that you have to get rid of him...
Thank you very much for your feed back and suggestions on how to find him a new home. He really is just the sweetest thing.
I am too so sorry :( its just braking my heart. Thanks for your feed back.

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