Is this a true ameraucana


9 Years
Apr 24, 2012
Barryville NY
Some of my ameraucanas from a breeder look like they have single combs not pea combs. Here are pics. What do you think. And if you can tell sex that would be great too.
Sorry pics are not great. To me the combs look very different.
No, they look like mixed breeds. Sorry.:(

You were misinformed by this breeder. Ugh.
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Amerauacana's have pea combs, yours have single combs and rose combs. Sorry you got ripped off
Wow, looking at your other photos on the duplicate thread at your birds. You really got screwed. :(. How awful is that. is a very good site for showing what the hens, roosters and chicks look like in the breeds your interested in. I used this site as a reference in all my purchases. When I buy my chicks, there are 2-4 breeds in each large bin. Sometimes even more. I would bring all those back and start over. Unbelievable!

Those photos are mixed breeds for sure! With 4h I believe you can show hatchery quality. All of my hens are beautiful! If your looking for pure bred Ameraucina(sp), buy hatching eggs on here or even eBay, but you'll need an incubator for that.

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