Is this a wood duck?


Jul 18, 2016
West Central Florida
Hi there. New here, looking to see if anyone can ID these ducklings. We've raised Muscovy so I assumed these were Muscovy until someone said they might be wood ducks. I'm in west central Florida. I took my dogs out today and these two were in an overturned dog crate swimming in a puddle. I was able to keep the dogs away from them. I brought them in and put them in a rabbit cage with a light. I added a bowl of water and chicken food since it's all I have. I can get waterfowl food tomorrow if needed. I just want to make sure we don't kill them accidentally. Thank you in advance for any help identifying them!

This is how I found them.

My brother brought me a orphaned wood ducklings found about a month ago. At first I didn't know what breed duck it was and found out it was wood. They are more narrow between the eyes. And very, very tiny. Here's a pic (he had wry neck)...

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