Is this because they are new to free ranging?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by GatsbysGirl, Nov 30, 2012.

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    I have noticed when I am home my chickens will roam all over the yard, come up to the house, check out the timber. I have been letting them out in the afternoons when I go home for lunch and leave them the 2-3 hours until I get home. I find that they don't venture very far from their run/coop and are usually milling in or around it when I come home if they haven't roosted yet. My roo will come running up to greet me but the rest stay in the coop. As soon as I'm home they will all come out and forage again.

    Will they always be like this or will they get used to it do you think? I'm guessing they are more comfortable with me there because I am their "person" (re: bringer of food) but will they be comfortable without me there ever? Or should I be happy they don't wander?

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    Most flocks tend to stay near their coop and home. In evenings, at least here, my birds go home at or even before dusk, and if they hear treats (aka humans) coming, they will still come out to play to see if they get any treats.
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    My flocks tend to establish a pattern involving bouts of foraging, feeding at feeder, loafing, dust bathing, and going to water. The locations for loafing and feeding at feeder can be very time specific and be influenced by temperature, wind direction and available cover. The easist way to change pattern is at the feeder. You can move it or change the amount or type of food it contains.

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