Is this chick an Easter Egger?


May 22, 2017
Bethel Park, PA
Hi everybody! I am new to the group and I know this is a pretty common question. As a new chicken owner, it's hard to ID based on pictures online since all chicks look so different to me ha! This little chick (Barb) was, of course, sold to me as an Araucana but I'm guessing she's an Easter Egger? If the pics aren't good enough to tell, I will re-post tomorrow after another photoshoot.


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How old is Barb- she(?) isn't old enough to sex or guess breed. Too young to show gender traits. Males are slower to get tail feathers. Does the chick have a tail bone? What color legs etc

Photos taken at 6-8 weeks when fully feathered out would give more reliable assessment than early guesses. If she is a true Araucana she would cost a lot more than a EE.
You can clearly see the tail in the photos. And no, we don't know gender yet (excuse the use of a pronoun) but we can be sure this is no Araucana.

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