Is this cocci? (poo pictures)


May 8, 2017
Reno, Nevada
We have two 14 week old pullets waiting to join our existing flock. The pullets have been eating, drinking, playing, but act lethargic at times. I saw what I thought was blood in their poo last week and started them on Corid liquid, but didn’t know I needed to make a fresh batch every day. I feel terrible about this. They are on day 5 now.
Should I give them a few more days of Corid and mix a fresh batch daily?

One pullet was keeping an eye closed and her head tucked under her wing, but that has cleared up now that they are on Corid. The other pullet has a slight clear discharge coming from her nostrils. I have been applying VetRx to her nostrils. There is no odor or color to the discharge. She very occasionally makes a rasping noise when she breathes. Her eyes are clear. I also saw a roundworm in one of her poos. As of this morning, I believe I am still seeing some blood in their poo. What do you think? You may have to look closely as it’s not the best light in the pictures.
Kind of looks like intestinal lining being shed but Corid won't hurt. You need to mix a new batch every day, are you giving the powder or liquid?

The one with the nasal discharge maybe a respiratory issue ... If you saw a roundworm it maybe best to worm them all.

Hang in there, someone with more experience will be peeping in .... :bow @Wyorp Rock @azygous @casportpony @KikisGirls @Eggcessive Thank you all in advance

It's the large roundworms causing all the problems you're seeing, I've seen it before. Get a bottle of Wazine at your feed store. Dosage is one ounce Wazine per gallon of water for 24 hours only. It must be their sole source of water to drink during the day.
It's best to set it out for them to drink first thing in the morning when they are hungry and thirsty.
When they go to roost for the evening, discard the treated water and provide fresh water for them to drink the next day.
@dawg53 just wanted to give an update: you were exactly right about what was causing the digestive/health issues. Today they are taking their first treatment of Wazine (had to order from Amazon as the local feed stores don’t carry it) and they are passing large roundworms out when they poo. So gross, but so happy they will all be well soon! Thank you for your help- you nailed it!! :)

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