1. A

    Chicken poops pebble size poop

    Hello just want to know if this is normal.. When she's outside she poops normal size poop is say but once I brink her indoors or when she's out in the patio she tends to pebble size poop. Is this normal?... I have attached a phony of the poop she does every now and then. The poop seems like it...
  2. 8

    Milky Poo - Advice Please

    Hi all, I've got an Isa Brown that has started doing milky liquid poos about a week ago. Just wondering if there is any advise on what I should do (if anything)? Her vent has got dirty around the that time. She stopped laying around the same time. No blood. No treatment so far. She is...
  3. ArchBarn28


    Hi! Not sure if this is from my hen or cock? Both are acting normal. My Peahen is laying a clutch now so low wings but nothing out of the ordinary. Should I worry? Thanks! Deb
  4. doublecrossranch

    Chicks with watery poo

    I have 15 chicks about 1.5 weeks old. One Cochin has had running poop from the beginning but seems heathy otherwise. Now some of the others are starting to have runny poop. Could it be coccidia? Can I use cordi on chicks that young?
  5. Nats Chickens

    runny nose and lethargy!

    My thirteen week old araucana pullet is pretty lethargic. her symptoms are: Runny nose on her left side lethargy Harsh cheep gasping for breath occasionally there was a wormy or bloody or intestine liner poo, and it was either hers or her brothers She is my only pullet. I have her and one...
  6. SavvySilkieMom

    Poop on feet! :( What will help?

    Hello there :) I am a mother of 2 Emotional support House Silkies. They are 1 month and the other is 1 month & 2 weeks old. I have them on Newspaper right now and ofcourse as chickens do they poop and step in it a lot. I love holding them but I have to shower right after everytime. :confused: I...
  7. chloeonz

    Worms - treated, what to expect

    Hi, I treated our girls for worms on Tuesday - it is Thursday. what can i expect to see, and when will pooey bums clear up? One of pur girls was doing diarrhoea that was caramel brown, now it has gone dark but the white part is all stringy, not a clump (see pics) When will the worms be gone...
  8. Hanathehappyhen

    Pencil thin poop?

    Two days ago, I noticed one of my hens was making small, pencil thin, poops. I haven't had any experience with these poops, and don't know what they could be. Other than the pooops, she is very healthy, and active. She eats and drinks regularly, and is very chatty. Some things that could be...
  9. chicksandchores

    Is this cocci?

    When it rains, it pours. It’s been raining here for three days, and my mother hen has lost three of ten babies to wet and very cold conditions (she’s still doing her best). My coop has drainage issues that I haven’t been able to address yet so it’s a mucky wet mess. While I was going outside of...
  10. kcocat

    Is this a stress poop or something worse?

    Hi, This is from our "scaredy-cat" chicken, lowest on the pecking order. We added a new free range area for them & all the girls & our silkie rooster were out but her. We had to chase her around trying to get her (pick her up or get her to go out the door, whichever happened first) finally she...
  11. SniperGoose

    Strange goose poo [pics]

    My female Toulouse goose, Sniper, somehow managed to hurt herself a few days ago. She was fine earlier in the day when I let them into their enclosure, but later on towards the end of the day, she was laying on the ground unable to walk. She has no visible injuries. I've been giving her some...
  12. castrbl

    foul smelling light stool

    my hen is healthy, happy, and full of energy. but the past 24 hours her poo has been nasty. its on the normal poo chart and she has had poo like this before but it typically is caused by something she ate and it goes away after a while but it hasnt. its light colored and is half solid half not...
  13. dbblaine

    Is this cocci? (poo pictures)

    We have two 14 week old pullets waiting to join our existing flock. The pullets have been eating, drinking, playing, but act lethargic at times. I saw what I thought was blood in their poo last week and started them on Corid liquid, but didn’t know I needed to make a fresh batch every day. I...
  14. S


    one of my quail just pooped a gray poop, please help quickly! the internet says its quail disease, and the poop is gray and mettalic, like car paint. how would i treat it? only have amoxyllin, sorry
  15. AshStarTheChickMom

    Liquid poo, and no eggs.

    Hello! I'm a mum of a rooster and a hen, they are both about 6-7 months old now- But this isn't about the rooster! The hen is a barred Plymouth rock and she has been pooping liquid a lot more often now, is it cause shes about to lay a egg? She hasn't laid a egg before all this behavior, shes...
  16. cluckkatie

    Pasty Butt Help?

    Hi all, I got my first ever chicks and one of them has pasty butt. I read on how to move the poop to open the vent again, but it seems when I gently rub with a towel it only temporarily solves the problem.. until she poops again, clogging herself up. How do I get rid of all this excess poo...
  17. Thechickentrainer1999

    Dirty vent. Please help!

    Over the last few weeks, I've noticed my chicken's comb turning purple. Some days it's not very noticeable and other days it is. Today it was very purple. What does this mean? I've noticed she has been drinking a lot when I let her out the last couple of days. I'm starting to wonder if maybe...
  18. Thechickentrainer1999

    Purple comb meaning?

    I recently noticed over the past month that one of my chickens has had a dirty vent and I've been keeping an eye on it and just got a new bag of d.e. today. I noticed that every other day her comb turns purple color. What does this mean? Does it mean she has worms because one of my others...
  19. M

    Effective cleaning of rubber chip

    Hi, I have a run with rubber chip on top of paving slabs I tried to clean it today by taking out the dirty chips and cleaning them with the garden hose in a bucket. This appears to leave a lot of vegetation around the chips, I assume this comes from their pellets. Can any one recommend a more...
  20. Lobzi

    Chick with swelling around vent needs relief

    I dont know how to treat this. It struggle to poo but poo is normal. Checks of vent indicates no pasty but just the swelling which impedes its poop. Any suggestions as to how I can help it? Going to try Magnesium sulfate soak.
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