Is this coop suitable?

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    Oct 8, 2012
    We are getting out of the goat business. We should be selling our last two tomorrow. We bought the goats a nice dog house at Petsmart.

    Would this be suitable for laying hens? We would add chicken wire so that they had roaming space. Keep in mind that one adult Pygmy goat, one nearly adult, and two semi-babies were able to fit in it comfortably.
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    OK here are my thoughts-

    It looks like it might be difficult to clean in the far corner where a chicken enters the door and turns right? Does the lid lift up? Also to retrieve eggs that they lay in the corner.

    You need 1/2 inch hardware cloth to keep out raccoons, weasels, and rats from eating the chickens (chicken wire won't stop them). So while a chicken wire run is something that a lot of people do to keep expense down, you would definitely want to close them up in a secure coop at night while the coons try to get in. You would need to at minimum place a hardware cloth door over the opening and if you wanted it to be warmer for winter, put a covering over the door or make a wood door.

    There needs to be ventilation added to the doghouse if you close the door with wood (they need some air vents- not just holes drilled but rectangles of air with 1/2 inch hardware cloth installed in them, up high over the chickens' heads so they don't have wind blowing on them.

    Chickens like roosts, so you might need to install a roost. But if that lid doesn't raise it will be a bear to clean and maintain inside the doghouse- turning the corner as you enter the door.

    You will need to be able to easily access the nest boxes daily to gather eggs.

    I actually thought about making a coop out of one of these for some silkies awhile back, so this was all pre-thought out on my part, sharing these comments with you.
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    x2. I'd either put some hinges on the roof or put another door on the right wall for easier cleaning (+ the obvious predator proofing the existing door opening and other things chickens need). If I were to use this, I might do a built in or a PVC feeder that sits outside the coop (maybe a waterer too) and nest boxes that you can access from outside so that stuff isnt taking up floor space. I think it would make a cute coop for a few chickens though. Good luck!

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