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So we are new to geese. Bought 4- 4day old african gray geese on March 27th. We have two males and two females. Should have bought a lottery ticket that day too as I am never that lucky. Anywho. My husband tells me two days ago that we have a goose sitting on eggs. I told him he was crazy. So tonight as I am doing chores I am missing one goose. The one that my daughter took to two fairs and got grand champion with. Go figure I say, coyotes, fox and owls running rampant around here. But find her under the pigeon hutch sitting on 20+ eggs. And boy is she not happy with me. So is there any chance that these are fertile. My father in law lives at the end of our driveway and said that they have been "playing" in the puddles with all the rain. And even if they are fertile they will certainly freeze. I live in western wisconsin. Any thoughts thank you.
I just want to wish you and your goose mama good luck!! I hope all 20 eggs hatch!!!
I don't see why they wouldn't be fertile if your males are of age and are doing the "deed". As far as them freezing I don't see that happening if she can cover all the eggs, after all she is covered in goose down.
Good luck and I hope you have lots of babies. You may have to keep them in a shed or barn to keep them out of the elements during the winter.

Forgot to add giver her a week or so and candle some of the eggs. Good luck getting them out from under her though! I would wait until she comes off to eat or drink and sneak a peek at them. This will tell you if they are fertile or not.
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Well I guess I didn't think that they were even old enough and thought they would only lay in the spring. See total newby. Well I will watch and wait. Goose down thing. HA never thought of that. I really do like these geese the one male is kind of snarky but we are working on that. Thanks so much. Is this a large clutch of eggs or is this the norm? I have no idea what I will do if they all hatch and I think my 12 year old will run away from home. The one male really doesn't like him. LOL.
There is a slim chance that your male has been mating her but if she is out by herself away from the others then probably not!
If they are fertile, they could very well freeze but that all really depends on how much she is sitting on them! Good Luck!
Yes Geese normally only lay in the spring, but I have heard of them having a second laying season in early fall. As to the clutch size I am not sure, I have never had a goose sit on eggs. If she is being diligent to her nest then I would give her a week or so and the candle the eggs. The gander is probably being aggressive to your son, because of the females and because she is nesting. The whole flock will take care of the mom and should help take care of the babies. I used to raise White Chinas and once bought some feed store goslings and the adults had a fit trying to get to them. So I gave them the babies and they did a great job raising them.
All four of my geese are always together. Always they never ever leave each other's sides. So when I coudn't find her I got worried. She has been very diligent at sitting on her nest and the reason that I peeked is because she tried taking over one of my scovie's nests and thought maybe she had succeeded. But no these eggs are much larger than the scovies. The other three I have noticed do not stray far from her now and are more on high alert should I say. Will she get off the nest at all? I thought of starting to leave her a bowl of food and water next to her but dont know I do this for my scovies when they are sitting. My kids think they are too spoiled. Her nest is so built up and deep compared to my ducks nests and very well lined with feathers and such. Very toasty it felt when I peeked. I would just hate for the little buggers to hatch and then get sick or freeze she is in a very guarded place right now. under neath a pigeon hutch that has a small area underneath that is also blocked from the wind I would post a pic but dont know how any one able to tell me. I will get a place ready in my horse barn when it gets closer just in case. That is another problem I really dont know how long she has been setting. It has been crazy weather here also. very warm. But thank you all so much for your responses. If they are not fertile they will just lay to lay. They are only six months old that is what is so shocking to me. Thanks again everyone.
I would think she would get off the nest to eat and drink. I have never had a goose go broody. I had White Chinas once and the Gander was so aggressive I sold them. I would think your horse barn would be great for the mom and new babies. You may have to provide a heat lamp for the first few weeks, but as long as they stay draft free they should be fine. It really depends on cold your winters are. The main thing would be to keep them dry and not allow them access to water they could swim in. Good luck with them and keep us updated. Give her a few more days and try to candle a few of the eggs. 20+ eggs is a large clutch, is she able to cover them all? If there were some "duds" I would remove them to give the others a better chance at hatching.
I have two geese I've discovered mating and they're 6 months old. I have a 6 month turkey hen who started laying, so you just don't know.

I haven't seen eggs with the geese, so 6 months is a bit young, from what people tell me. Still, a clutch of 20! That's way cool. She's probably sitting on eggs from both geese.
Ok so I am going to try and post some pics on here of the geese. Wish me luck.

This is when they were babies

Ok so that didn't work. I am trying to use the uploads section but it won't show my pics. HELP
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