Is this duckling able to be helped??


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Dallas, tx
Help. Does anyone know what is going on with this guy?

A local feed store friend rescued this 2 week old baby after it was shipped to her store. The owner thought it's leg was broken because all the other guys trampled on it during shipment. It's legs are not broken, and it can scoot along on its side a tiny bit. She has to hold him upright to eat and drink. I told her to try niacin, but is it too far gone? she has chickens but hasn't ever dealt with ducklings and is currently keeping him in her laundry room. Poor guy is all alone. Her husband is attempting to make some type of contraption to hold him upright. I'd like to find a home for this guy so he had some company. If anyone in the dallas area would like to take in such a sweet mess please email me. For now I'll take any advice....
Hey, i have same problem. I have just hatched two call ducks. They had internally pipped and began externally pipping before I helped them out a little! Unfortunately one of them can not stand up and looks very similar to video! It's as if he can't put any wait in it! Please help some one he only hatched yesterday!! :)
I think it's a niacin deficiency, ducks tend to have that a lot especially ducklings. Look up "niacin duck 50 ducks in a tub" on YouTube, he has several videos on how he saved some of his ducklings like this. But some were unable to be helped. I suggest messaging him he's very knowledgeable on ducks

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