Is this Easter Egger a rooster?


Apr 18, 2013
I bought 24 baby chics on June 24th from My Pet Chicken. They are all supposed to be hens. This EE is really mean and will not let anyone else eat when he/she is eating, he/she also chases others chickens and jumps on them for no reason. He/she also crows in the morning when I let them out. I did read that some hens can crow, didn't know that. What do you think a rooster or hen? He/she is 11 weeks old now. Thanks for your comments.

At that young, that's a rooster, looks like it has pointy tail feathers too.
Plus, the crowing at this time definitely says roo!
Definitely a rooster, as I see pointed tail and saddle feathers. Also, that comb is way too big for a pullet of that age. Not to mention the crowing...

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