Is this egg safe to eat?


Apr 20, 2020
Sometimes when I crack open a duck egg I see this grey blob. I usually just cook up the egg and feed to the birds. I’m thinking it’s got some fungal growth or something. Any thoughts?

Also is there anyway to keep this from happening. Am I not cleaning eggs well enough or soon enough? Are they just getting old? Was there an imperfection in the shell that I didn’t see?

We are about 3 to 4 weeks behind on eating what was laid and I try to clean eggs twice a week but sometimes only end up cleaning once. I use an iodine solution for cleaning.


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Looks like meat spot, the egg's are safe but I'd pick that out.
What is a meat spot? Someone we gave eggs to did as you said, picked it out and ate it with no problems. I get worried since I give these eggs to my 1 yr old.
I understand your concern when feeding eggs to a child. I remove meat spots with a knife tip and serve eggs to the kid I nanny for. She's doing well after 4 years!

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