Is this enough security?? Work in Progress

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May 20, 2015
Ideally, I'd like to put my babies outside, but we have so many predators here, and my coop/run isn't quite secure enough- yet. We are working on it.

For the run, we have a cedar privacy fence with a trench dug all along it, with huge rocks and gravel buried underneath it. Then on the backside of that, we have regular wire fencing (the redhead stuff from Lowe's), which the bottom is partially buried in case something tries to dig out or in. Then, on top of that all along the bottom, we've run 1/2" hardware cloth for security. We're nearly done with the fencing, should be done today probably. (if it quits pouring the rain down-no garage and don't wish to operate electric saws in the rain, lol)

As far as the coop which is 8x10, everything is done but for a little painting, and finishing the bottom wall. Hoping to get that done today as well. Then I wanted to water proof it wall with some Thompson's water seal-maybe a couple coats as I figure it will need it/take a beating from all that poop etc. I figured on allowing a week for it to air out/not smell like water seal/paint etc. Hopefully that sounds like a viable plan. Oh and my goal is for them to only be in the coop to sleep and lay eggs. The rest of the time, I'd like them to run all over the hillside.

Oh, and in the meantime of all this, I have to build a frame and order netting for over the top of their run. An 8 ft section of the run is a straight shot with a metal roof, so they can be protected from the weather. but the rest will be netting to protect them from the swoopers. IDK how many square feet of run there is, but it's huge. (see photos) The eagles and ravens here are relentless, then there are coyotes and foxes that worry me too. Not too worried about the lynx and wolves, haven't seen many though I am certain they are around. I saw three lynx last year, all together, when I was returning from taking my kid to school. I've only seen them that once, but obviously they are roaming around here. We already have a stinkin Raven stalking the coop area-I'm sure he knows what we are building. :( Bears do worry me, but there's not alot I can do about that. Can't convince the hubby to run electric around it all yet. He says, "They're just chickens and we've already spent too much." Grr, that man!!

Coyotes have stalked my rabbit, but haven't tried too hard to get into his cage, so… Chickens might be a little more tempting. To top all that off, some stupid dogs have started coming around, so I am hoping to not have to get nasty with them, but am prepared to, nonetheless. And in addition to the three layers of fencing, partially buried fencing, rocks and gravel, I have also made two bear silhouettes to hopefully scare the dogs away or maybe detract a predator who might come sniffing around and get surprised by the shadow bear. Yeah, I know, I am probably just making myself feel better, but we have sooo many predators here that I worry endlessly.

If you've read the book I've just written, bless your heart and thank you from the bottom of mine!!
The Run starts at the left cedar fence and is the entire hillside there behind the coop and down.
Where my son is, is the covered portion of the run and Jack (my rabbit's) cage .

This shows the portion they can run under. We've ran hardware wire all along all fencing too, since these photos. House is 8X10.

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