Is this fowl pox?


Jul 23, 2019
I’m having issues I just lost a roo and this hen looks like this and 1 other doesn’t look like this but she’s frail and thin like the roo that died and this hen.

I’ve done a couple rounds of corrid, I’m treating for mites and lice and picking up a wormer tomorrow.


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Yes that is dry fowl pox. It is a virus spread by mosquitoes, and she should recover within 3 weeks. Do not disturb her scabs. If she has many around her eyelids, then apply some plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment into her eyes twice a day to help prevent bacterial infection. There is no treatment for fowl pox. If she or any other looks very sick, then look for yellow gunk inside the beak. That is wet pox, and more serious, since it makes it painful to eat and drink. Here is a good article to read:

Sorry for your loss. If you lose another chicken, refrigerate the body and send it to your state poultry vet for a necropsy M-F. Here is a list of state vets:

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