Is this good or cheap?


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
Ovotherm Glass Clear 12-Egg Carton, w/No Label


Do they work good? or do they just fall apart or do the buttons mess up?

Ill chime in here. These cartons are awesome and can be used many times. They cost me I think 80 cents a piece which was too much overhead but great for my marketing. So I found a cheaper clear carton that is a 3x4. I got SIX HUNDRED of them at only NINE cents each and when I opened the box was disappointed to discover they are NOT clear like glass like the one you have AND they are NOT going to be re useable. They look more like a translucent straw does and are going to be easily cracked. You can see the egg color through the carton but not like this. Too bad I have SO many of this new one. Here is a photo of the nice ones I wish I had a ton more of.
Gosh, I'd buy your eggs with this packaging and I don't even need eggs! LOL I love the color variety and now I'm sad I have all brown egg layers.
I got the 4x3 variety of these. It was something like 600 for $60. Love them. So do the customers. They can see their eggs and the colors.
I got the 4 x 3 cartons from when they were on sale a few weeks ago - 600 for less than $60. The brand was Sodesa - and the plastic is a little cloudy, but you can still see the eggs through it - and I think the different colored eggs look beautiful through the plastic. I've sanitized and used the cartons more than once, too. Here's a photo of mine (sorry one egg is missing - I had it for breakfast!). I have a sticker with the name of our farm and the date the eggs were laid that I put on the top before I sell or give them to anyone.


The 3 x 4 cartons are no longer on sale - but they have others. Here's the link:

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