Is this grit for real ok?? Pic included. Seems like huge pieces!

My Very First 6 Chickens

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May 5, 2021
What do ya’ll think about this grit for 10 week old chicks?? It seems like huge pieces?!


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That's what I have for my 8 weeks old and my 14 months old hens.View attachment 2751103
It's the same size as Oyster Shells.View attachment 2751114
I also use the same brand.View attachment 2751117
Chick Grit is too small, will past through the gizzard in a 10 weeks old.View attachment 2751115View attachment 2751116View attachment 2751111
There's no Pullet Grit available at TSC. GC
GC! You are the Best! 💃 currently I have a container holding chick grit in the coop uncertain to switch it for the poultry grit. I will now switch it. Thank you for being so throughly informative. The pics are super helpful. Now…..what do you know about nonroosting 10wk olds!? I think going in there tonight with a red light and manually putting them on the roost. 🐥❤️

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