Is this hen a black faverolle?


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
This is the most timid bird...I can't get within 6 feet of her! She's so terrified of me. When I bought her the guy said she was a black Faverolle, but I'm not 100% sure he was right. The other day I snuck up on her, and when she turned her head it looked like she had two combs...a double comb? Is that possible or normal? I wish I could get closer to her to inspect. I can't tell how many toes she has either. She is definitely feather footed. She's also much smaller than my golden comet hen, and the one time I held her she was extremely plump.

What do you think?


If it matters, she has laid one egg and it was small and bright white.


Found another picture...


See the size difference??


(excuse my super ugly coop, that was before I painted it yellow and installed the latches on the doors LOL)
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I don't think she is a favorelle, her body shape just doesn't seem right and they generally are pretty friendly calm birds. I have salmon ones but she just doesn't strike me as a favorelle unless she is just a poorly bred one, I have a few from sandhill that are excuse the french butt ugly, but they are friendly.
Definately not a Black Faverolle, her comb is all wrong and from what I see her leg colors are yellow greenish instead of black and I dont see any fifth toes on her.

Looks more like a crossbred EE bantam..........thats my wild guess.

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