Is this how people stop getting certain notifications?

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Often I've heard someone say that they stopped getting notifications for a thread that they are on and often don't know why. It has happened to me too. I'll be on an active thread, when suddenly I stop getting notifications for it. I'm wondering if I just discovered what's happening. Look in this picture below.


As you can see, the notification says that the notification is unread. I've clicked onto the notification, so that it took me to the thread, and even posted on the thread. A few minutes later I realized that the notification was still saying unread, so I clicked on it again. As you can see, I'm on the thread, the post I was notified about is at the top, and it's still saying unread!

I know this as a fact: You will not get re notified for an unread notification. If you click the dot so that it says read, you will still not get re notified. It's when you've clicked on the notification, so that it takes you to the post, and then says read, will it re notify you when someone posts.

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