Is this incubator any good??

it looks good to me and they are probably brand new because they have ten avaliable no one have ten used ones haha and the egg turner is great i dont have an egg turner and i swear my hands are going to fall off from all this hand washing haha
ya i would totally get it
thats a good price with an egg turner and everything. make sure when you get it u plug it in right away to make sure during shipping it didnt get screwed up
allright! I'm still not sure if I can get it, I'm working on getting the money for it. haha! i'm selling some ducks and stuff and a bunny, i should be able to make it!
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1602 and turner...good price....i would get the fan to put in makes stable my hova bator.....set it and forget it...that easy..
Turner and HB cost about 45 a piece. so 85 total with the shipping is a good price. Add the fan. I agree. So far I've hatched better in my HB than my brinsea 20. Just have to figure that one out.

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