Is this irresponsible behavior?

Well, cats aren't like dogs....they don't have to be on leashes or anything, not just cause of the law but cause they're cats. I think cats are annoying, but as far as irresponsible to let them outside? I personally don't think so....

P.S. I hate cats....I'm a doggie lover, so this is in no way me being on a cat's side....LOL!!!
Opinions differ on this. Basically comes down to personal choice.
But, if you know that your cat is in danger by living outdoors, due to predators or neighborhood kids that torture animals, then, yeah, I'd say that's irresponsible.

But, that's just me. Lots of people have no problem with having their cat possibly eaten by coyotes, or whatever.
So, back to personal choice.

Well, I see that I've been NO help whatsoever..

all of my cats were allowed in the house and outside when i was growing up.
all of them ended up dying by either getting hit by a car or being poisoned.
when i moved out, i kept my cat in at night, but let him out during the day.
my vet always gave me grief about it, but, i had a small place, and didn't think it was fair. luckily, he was quite scrappy, nobody messed with him. even the rottweiler across the street was terrified of him!
but, when i moved to the mainland, I decided to keep him inside. Back in Hawaii, I only had to worry about mongoose, rats and other cats, (and mean kids, he got shot by a rubber bullet!) but here, there are a lot more predators, plus rabies. I just couldn't bear the thought of losing him to one of those, so he became a house cat for the last 4 years of his 15 year life.

again, i've probably been no help! sorry.
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I don't think so, I let my beloved cat out during the day and keep her in at night. She would have a fit if I didn't let her outside, she's miserable in the house. (was a stray when she found me). I don't think it's irresponsible, plus she's a good mouser. Just make sure they're vaccinated, especially for Rabies.
I dunno, I think animals need to be able to go out,..they're animals. I think the standard for dogs is that they could potentially bite someone, so need be on a leash. Cats, well I don't see alot of hoopla over attack of the kitties, so I think it would be sort of silly to say the cats can't be let out.
That is the way my Pierre and the Late great Buddy was. Stayed in the house several hours a day, but Buddy even though he was fixed, thought he was still a stud and a mighty hunter and he wanted to go out and prowl, and never did get hurt. He died this early spring, was 13 years old and I still miss him. What a cat. Pierre is like a grumpy old man in the nursing home, always has a "pinched" look on his face, and no, I don't think he is constipated . . .but he is a different kind of cat. . .and not my favorite, but we get along pretty good and he eats like a dang horse and a picky one at that!! He is gruff and tough and the dogs are terrified of him, for good reason. He stays in alot more than Buddy did, but still likes to go out and smell things. As long as they are safe, I wouldn't worry about it . . .no matter how domesticated we try to make them, there is still that gene in there saying, "me hunt, me set around fire, me poop in grass" . . .
not at all unless you know your cat could be in danger by doing so (like living next door to a highway).... or if your cat is a danger to your neighbour's pets.....
My cat is an inside cat. He was that way in NY because of the traffic. Here in TN there are wild critters that would eat him so he's an inside cat. Once in a while, I put him out in a run that has a chicken wire top on it so he can bask in the fresh air and sunshine.

We always had barn cats when I was growing up and they were not that much into being lap cats anyway. They kept mice and rats down. I guess they were working cats! We have had cats in and out of the house over the years and never had it crossed my mind that it was irresponsible.
I would like to get a cat (an outdoor cat because I am allergic) for pest control. Unfortunately, we live in an area where cats have an extremely short life-expectancy due to the numbers of predators around. Knowing this, I have opted not to get a cat. It would be irresponsible to let a cat wander around outside where I live, but if you live somewhere where a cat would not be on the menu then I don't think it's irresponsible.

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