Is this lash egg or odd first lay?

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  1. ev-chicka

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    May 21, 2019
    I have a mixed flock with 1.5 year old laying hens and pullets just starting to lay. I found this this morning with some yolk around it also...I don’t know who it came from and wonder if it’s lash egg or could be something weird laid by my pullets who are just figuring things out. I have 4 pullets laying and 6 more ready to any day now. I don’t really want to treat the whole flock (20 birds) with antibiotics.

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    It doesn't look like egg material or reproductive tract pus, which is what a "lash egg" is. It looks like poop from a chicken that ate some red berries.

    If you want to take a better photo of poop so we can have a shot at understanding what we're seeing, transfer the questionable substance onto a neutral background such as a paper towel and place a familiar object such as a ruler next to it so we have an idea of scale.
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    I have never seen anything like that before even in photos!
    Did you happen to keep it? If you did, can you cut that open?
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    Ditto Dat!!!^^^
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  5. ev-chicka

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    May 21, 2019
    Gah I should have done this and cut it open, but I was running off to Thanksgiving dinner (Canada) and was also a bit weirded out by it so I took the pic and tossed it:(

    It was strange for sure. It was more solid than simply berry poop and was definite yellow yolk all around it and in the straw. Also a more normal poop next to it in the nest box which means it’s from a pullet b/c my hens never poop in their boxes.

    If I ever come across another or see signs of anything else going on I’ll keep you posted. So far everyone seems fine besides the fact that I’m still waiting on 6 to start laying and they’re 26-29 weeks‍♀️

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