IS this molt?


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
It started about two weeks ago. I noticed that one of my Rhode Island Reds, who has had the prettiest dark red feathers, had what looked like a 'part' down the front of her chest--which looks like she hasn't had her roots done in months! Then I noticed that my largest BO is dropping feathers EVERYWHERE! Most are the tiny fluff feathers and her bottom is naked! They are looking really bad.. I looked for pest/mites etc and saw nothing..I dusted the nest box, roost and added some new dust to the dust bath... They are 18months old..

Haven't had chickens do this before..Only had them a little over a yr..
sounds like my RIR's, they almost look like naked necks! This is my first "moult" season with chickens, i really hope it is moulting, because if it isnt i have a chicken who seems to be overly partial to neck feathers!
Oh, yes - this is indeed the molt! It's pretty awful, isn't it? My poor redcap hen looks like half a hen right now, and my rooster looked absolutely embarrassed to be seen without a tail. (It's finally growing in again, so he's starting to strut.) The first year I had my birds, they shed some feathers here and there, but at 18 months, WHAM - half-bare chickens, practically overnight in some cases. Freaked me out. They started up again a few weeks ago, a year later. Can't wait to see what my pullets look like next fall.

I was happy to see my cochin's comb looking red again the past few days, and she's trying to nestle into a nest. If it weren't raining so hard, she might get some peace and quiet in the coop and lay already! As it is, they're all huddled in there, miserable - but none moreso than the older birds who still haven't regrown all their feathers. THEY are staying in this week!

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