Is this molting? (pics)


10 Years
May 13, 2009
Portland NW
3 of our 10 birds (they are about a year old) appear to be beginning to molt. I thought they start on their backs but these are starting near their vents and I am keeping a close eye on whether they are pecking themselves or each other. Does this look like molting?


Wow, looks like that could be the same bird. I've only had two molt, so far, and it did start with their backs... but, who knows, yours may be different.

Are they "sisters" - as in hatched together?
i came how one day and could have sworn someone came into my yard and plucked my chicken!!! she looked just like that,and i assumed it was molting,in 2 or 3 weeks she was back to normal!!!
The pics are of two of the birds and yes, they are 'sisters'. They are all identical and we can't tell them apart; so they are red1, 2 and 3.
We haven't noticed anything unusual. Does the redness make you think they might be pecking each other?
I have some of that blue iodine stuff and wonder if applying that might help...

Well we went down to our local feed store Lyntonn Feed and they said "you got mites"! So we cleaned out the coop spread diatomateous stuff on the ground and dusted the birds with this Garden, Pet and Livestock dust. Hopefully that does the trick.
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