is this narmal!? 0.o


5 Years
Apr 22, 2014

Both of the red and black pullets are 9-10 weeks old. We have 3 that are about the same size as the black hen. All 3 have a flat comb as well as one of our others that came from the same batch. Below is a few pictures of the fourth. They came with 2 bantam cochin as well. We think that the one in the pictures below are a mix between the cochin and what ever the micro mini chicks are. Her head and feet look like the minis ander her body looks like a cochin.

My questions are: Is this normal?
Are they healthy?
What the heck are these little cuties?

NOTE:The run the pictures were taken in are for the mini hens only. We are remodeling the other run today and we didnt want them out to get hurt. So we put the larger ones in there for a few hours.


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