Is this normal behaviour?


Jun 1, 2021
So 2 of my chicks both hatched yesterday and they went into the brooder yesterday evening. The black one could not walk at first but this morning I’ve noticed she has now picked it up.
My concern is that they seem to just being laying now and sleeping under the heat lamp rather than walking about and eating (I’m new to this so this might be normal but thought I’d ask) they haven’t touched the food or water yet and have barely been over the other side of the brooder
The temperature is around 33 C (90F and I can’t seem to get it much higher) they don’t seem too cold though


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May 2, 2021
North West Ohio
Yes they do sleep a lot first day and get more active each day after. And as for eating and drinking it should pick up as they get more active also. And as OP said you have to teach them by the taping food and water and also dipping beak in water then food to let them know what it is. I start my hatchlings out on towels not bedding for first few days so I can sprinkle a little feed on ground for them to peck at and get to eating a little sooner to help get them going. Once you can get at least one pecking at food and water they are like copy cats they usually all have to try it just like you tapping finger on feed and water they just have to try it.
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