Is this normal for a rabbit?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by dabblingducks, Aug 28, 2011.

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    We are looking after a rabbit for some friends until they get their new house with a garden for it. The rabbit has previously had myxomatosis a while ago but (obviously!) survived. At the moment, it is running around the run and generally going a bit mad at night - we can hear him banging away from inside the house! The rabbit has also got a huge patch of missing fur (there's a shorter coat under where he's 'molting', he's not totally bald and we can't see his skin or anything). When I brushed him, huge clumps of fur are just falling out in my hands and on the brush. Is it normal for rabbits to molt? Sorry if i'm being silly here, i've never had a rabbit like this one before. When he first arrived at ours, he came with a guinea pig in the same cage, which he kept trying to mate with. The poor guinea pig was getting so traumatised we moved her in with our guinea pigs, where she has been for the past couple of months and is getting on really well with the others.
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    I have had rabbits lose hair like that when they are having babies. A rabbit will pull a bald spot then when making bunny nest. I also learned that rabbits are wormy and need wormed. I never knew that and would not have guess it. I read to give them ivomec injectable and really about every ailment they had has pretty much disappeared. My rabbits are so much healthier too. I had one rabbit rubbing hair off I think he had mite or flea or something and the ivomec injectable fixed that. Anyways I am sure someone else will have something to say from some fancy vet and maybe be more help. I just wanted to let you know what I had learned.
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    the rabbit is fine. when they molt they look just horrible.
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    The madness behavior is their version of being happy. It's called binking. And it also sounds like it is molting. No worries!

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