Is this normal or a sign of vent issues? - Part 2


Feb 20, 2015
Willamette Valley, Oregon
So, I think I figured out why I was thinking vent gleet with my messy tail girl. Her vent feathers were damp when I put her to bed tonight and did seem to have a bit of an off smell to them (that's happened before also). Her vent looked normal as best I can determine last time I gave her a bath, and I didn't see any white discharge. I'm hoping that rules out vent gleet?

Could that be caused by drinking a lot of water (we also gave them watermelon today? If not, what would be the best way to sort things out? Unfortunately, we are heading into a hot week, so I think they will be drinking lots of water. I also bought a watermelon for them and for us.

- A bath with baby shampoo or epsom salts this time?
- Probiotics?
- Go ahead with getting a fecal sample run by a poultry vet this weekend?
- Make an appointment to have her seen by a regular vet (and keep it this time)?

I don't want to overreact, but I also don't want to miss something that's truly abnormal.
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Hi, her tail was wet again tonight, so not sure what to think. I think what I need help on is deciding if this sounds like a bacterial/worm issue (in which case I will have her fecaled), a yeast issue (in which case she probably needs the vet visit) or nothing to worry about (my Dad thinks so, but I think he's worried about me wasting my money). If it were your hen, what would you be thinking?

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