Is this normal!?!


5 Years
Dec 12, 2016
Erie PA
I have two dark Cornish chicks about 6 weeks old free ranging for about a week and a half and just noticed they both have these big lumps. Im assuming its a crop thing but I have about 10 other breeds running around with them and they are the only ones with it. Is it normal for them?
It does look like a full crop. A standing shot would help to see exactly where it is on the chick.
That looks like a normal full crop to me. You may be noticing it right now more so, because their feathers are growing in still, leaving gaps of skin exposed. If the chicks are ascting normal, I think this completely normal.
She's only six weeks old. They were acting normal otherwise and tbeir feathers are pretty patchy. Is it weird thats the first time ive noticed a full crop in well over 100 chicks so far lol.
Thanks guys

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