Is this normal?


7 Years
Oct 26, 2012
Hi. I'm new to this forum. Live in the Upstate. We had 4 babies from our bantam cochin rooster & cochin hen about 5-6 months ago. 2 roosters & 2 hens. Couple weeks ago we introduced 2 new cochin hens about 4-5 months old and 1 bantam cochin hen about 6-7 months old we bought. Couple days ago, one of the "originals" started acting different. She doesn't hang out with her siblings anymore & she's making a cooing sound almost like an owl? She still sleeps with her siblings but during the day she hides out with the 2 younger cochins and the older bantam cochin is with the 3 from the original group. She still looks healthy & we've checked her for any injuries (there are none). Could she have been demoted in the pecking order? Could she be getting to be egg laying age & she's freaked out? She seems shyer & less active than we have known her to be. We are worried about her being sick because she was sneezing before all this started happening so we are hoping there is another reason.
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

You might try posting this in the Chicken Behaviours and Egglaying section of the forum

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