Is this normal?

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    Dec 16, 2012
    My RIR seems to have quit growing. She's about the same size she was at 4 months. Here's a pic of her now, at 6.5 months. Her comb is at the same size now as it was at Christmas. Is she just a runt, is she sick? Am I just a worrier? At one point in time she was the same size as my other birds of different breeds, but they kept growing and she didn't. [​IMG]
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    Is she lowest in the pecking order? Do the others tend to chase her away from the feeder? Plant yourself in the run and watch the action for awhile. It will give you lots of information.

    Yes, it's normal for a hen to arrest development if they're harassed. But the good news is they can catch up later. I had a hen who added weight and size after she was eighteen months old. Her problem was poor absorption of nutrients, and a prebiotic supplement helped her. You might want to consider it.

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