Is this ok for a brooder


11 Years
Apr 6, 2008
I have baby chicks comming May 16th. I have a 20 gallon long aquarium that was used by my sons lizard when we had him. I still have the heat lamps I used for the lizzard as well. One daytime lamp and one nighttime lamp.If I clean it out real good with some vinegar and water would this be ok for the 10 girls I have comming?
Thanks! I figured it would get me by the first week. I also have an old dog crate and an old chinchilla cage I could put them in when they get to be bigger girls! Thanks!
Hi Cathy,
I have 12-5 week old pullets and they are now starting to out grow the bathtub.I think boxes are the way to go after the fish tank.

Good luck with the chicks,
you can also get the big 90 quart use them as brooders.ive used them for a few years an they work real good.with the number of chicks your getting may want to get 2 totes.
I would just start with the dog crate or chinchilla cage. A 20 long is not very big and by the time you put a feeder and waterer in there I don't think there will be much room for 10 chicks.

Congrat's on getting some babies and please post pics when they get home! We all love the chick pics around here!
Wow, thanks everyone! I do have some big rubbermade totes here. I was concerned because I have indoor cats and the tank had a screen on top and a stand.......

Maybe in the garage would be better, but then I would be scared of field mice. I have a feed corn farm behind me and mice sometimes get into our attic.

I would not wnat to lose chick due to cannibilsim or mice or not enought room. I will figure it out. I have until May 16th to do so.
I've been using 1/2 of an extra large dog crate with screening over the top since getting the chicks almost 2 weeks ago. Everyone warned me they would grow fast and they have!! They are now 4 weeks and 6 weeks and going nuts in this crate. I am either going to divide the chicks and use the other half of the crate or look for alternatives as the coop is not finished yet and it's still too cold to put the girls out.

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