is this ok for bedding?


May 9, 2015

The guy at the feed store told me this would be ok to use for my ducks one is 4 weeks and 1 is 1 week the older one seems likes she's trying to eat it :/ should I be concerned?? What do you use for.bedding?
I used old towels because my nutty Runner babies tried to eat anything else.
see and my runner doesn't try to eat it at all I think she's use to it from when she was at the feed store I may have to go back to towels that is just so much hand washing
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When I purchased my first duck, I was scared to death it was going to eat a wood chip and die. Then I realized I was taking it far to serious and needed to remind myself these ducks are wild animals with instincts.

99% of the time the ducks know what is food and what is not. Also if the feed store was using it and they survived I would not sweat it.

I use pine shavings, smells good for a few days, easy to clean and stays dry for the most part. Also pretty cheap at $6.99 for a huge bag.
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I use that brand (Eco flake) and have for about 3 years. It works well as coop bedding, easy to scoop out mess when a full change is not in order. I also have 1 week old ducklings and have them in a coop with their mama and the Eco flake is working fine for bedding. The dabble in it a little, but don't eat much if any. No issues with it and my ducks.

Ok so this is how I have it set up right now, I put a sheet and some flakes over that so I can pick it up corner to.corner and in our compost. I put a dish drying mat under food and water and under the mat I have a plastic food serving rectangle tray. Some stuffed animals to.cuddle. marceline is in the dog house but gets to.come and go.from it as she pleases until it's bed time then we just point it back to laying up against gunters pack n play

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