Is this pasty butt??


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
four of my li'l black chicks (not sureif they are barred rocks or the black australorps)...

when i went to change the bedding etc; I put them all in a laundry basket..and as I was
putting them back INTO the brooder...4 of them had "pointy-hard bums"...

so I looked and the butt itself is "clear" but around it is all hard we washed them down and
dried them them back into the brooder fairly quick..
but i'm not sure why they got it in the first place or is that just normal??
I'm not sure if that's classic pasty butt but a few of mine have the same thing. I check all of them over twice a day to make sure their butts are clear and open...and then if they have any of that crusty dried on stuff, I take a q-tip with warm water and just clean it off.

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